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Your Plan Starts Here

You want answers to your questions in phrases you can understand.  You want to know if your goals are realistic. You need help setting and prioritizing your goals. You need help linking all the pieces of your financial puzzle. At Bonson, Piper & Associates, we understand that. Everyone's situation and goals are unique, so we design solutions with your specific goals and risk tolerance in mind. 

We employ a holistic approach to financial planning to give you the best possible chance of success. This is the process that we repeat to ensure that your plan remains congruent with your situation.

Our Financial Planning Process


  • Discuss goals, objectives, time-frame and risk tolerance
  • Gather needed documentation
  • Analyze current situation: assets & liabilities, cash flows, insurance
  • Immediately identify goals that may be unrealistic or competing

Recommended Actions:

  • Review and discuss personalized recommendations
  • Choose actions and implement plan

Review and Adjust:

  • Review goals and update progress
  • Review new opportunities as they present themselves
  • Update plan and make changes if necessary to stay the course in light of changes in goals, personal situation or financial means